Manufactured by Mentor

Manufactured By Mentor

Here at Mentor, we like to adhere to any of our customers’ needs and requirements for their product, which eventually led us to open our own production department. This has allowed us to extend our product range way beyond standard monitors and into a whole new area of the monitor business. We are authorised by NEC and Toshiba to modify standard monitors; which allows us to fit a variety of different solutions such as: touchscreen technologies, privacy filters and toughened glass to a range of both NEC and Toshiba monitors, including some of the most popular models.

We offer touchscreen solutions based on optical touch technology from Lumio & NextWindow (OST), 3M’s capacitive (SCT) or dispersive signal technology (DST), Zytronic & NanoTS projected capacitive technology (PCT), PQ Labs and ZaagTech for Infrared (IR) and resistive technology from AMT and Elo. This ensures that we can satisfy our customers’ needs for the very latest and most reliable technology.

Deckchairs Monitor
Bezel spraying
Deckchairs Monitor
Full Screen Spray (White)
Deckchairs Monitor
White Bezel

In recent years, we have also begun providing custom coloured bezels for monitors, which can’t be bought as a standard product colour. As well as providing a custom coloured bezel, we can also provide printing on the bezel, allowing our customers to have a bespoke, custom product with their own logo being displayed on the bezel.

It doesn’t just stop at custom bezels either; we can also spray complete monitors to another colour. This allows us to meet customers’ demands for the exact product that they want, that can’t be found elsewhere. This has been completed on monitors of various sizes, and even on an NEC X841UHD, which can be seen below.

NEC Custom Sprayed Bezel (Blue)
NEC 84" X841UHD-W
Bezels- Black to Purple

Mentor will always strive to provide the exact product that you want, however specific it may be.

Please explore our site to view our full range of available products, specifications and downloadable PDFs. Drivers are also available for all of our manufactured touchscreens.

For more information please call our sales team on 01462 814000 or email us at